Thursday, July 18, 2013

This may be my new favorite salad

I eat a salad every day.  Usually its the same thing..... lettuce, cucumber, grilled chicken, a little seasoning, feta cheese, cranberries.  I am a creature of habit.  I eat this every single day, either for lunch or for dinner, or sometimes for a snack.  And before you ask...... no, I don't like tomatoes.  Sometimes I add strawberries to my salad, and almonds, to make a summer salad. This works really well with a lemon dressing. 

Yesterday I was craving my favorite apple sausages, by the Al Fresco brand.  When I cook these sausages up, I usually just eat them on the side, with maybe a salad or some fruit as a side dish.  Occasionally I cook them up with some peppers and onions and eat them that way.  They are filling and delicious and sweet.  I have tried apple sausages by numerous other brands and they just do not compare.  I swear to you, these Al Fresco sausages are amazing (and they didnt pay me to say this, I promise!!).  And to my GF readers and followers..... they are Gluten Free!!! 

 I wanted to have some sort of sausage lunch but couldnt decide what else I wanted.  Salad?  Maybe.  Peppers and onions?  Probably not.  Fruit?  Possibly, but we had grapes, plums, mandarin oranges and peaches.  No strawberries.  What on earth could I do with that combination?  So I did what I do best (lol)...... I created a masterpiece.

I took out my romaine, my cucumber, my feta, my cranberries, my seasoning.  I put a couple of things back.  I pulled a few other things out and got to creating.  I cooked up the sausages, just cooking the links until they were slightly browned in the pan.  I sliced them up, and put one full sausage in the bowl with my lettuce and cucumber.  Then I pulled out the plums.  Yes, the plums.  And I cut them up.  And added them to my salad.  I added my feta, I can't have a homemade salad without it. Then I got out the strawberry vinaigrette and drizzled a tiny bit on top. 

O M G!  It was sooooo good!  Sweet, but savory, and full of flavor.  And still healthy.  Each sausage link is 160 calories and 14 grams of protein, so it was a high protein meal, with fairly low calories, but very filling.  And delicious.  And I WILL be making it again.  YUM!

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