Saturday, July 13, 2013

Banana Splits!

My kids have been BEGGING me to get them banana splits.  They have never had them before.  (Can we say DEPRIVED?) But we have a few issues.  One, Im a little neurotic about giving my children artificial sugar based, fatty junk food for dessert.  I just don't do it if I don't have to.  And two, my son has a lot of allergies, so we can't just jump in the car and go to a local ice cream shop for a "safe" (allergy free) banana split.  Every topping, ice cream, even the scoop that the shops use to scoop the ice cream out can be deadly to my kid.  Its just not worth it. 

So to keep my kids happy, give them a HUGE treat and keep it somewhat healthy, I used my homemade "ice cream" recipe to make them banana splits last night.  I used our really heavy, super pretty crystal goblets to make it more special, sliced up a banana in each dish, made an "ice cream" out of strawberries, grapes and pineapples, and then used caramel sauce, jimmies, and a cherry on top.  My kids LOVED them!!  It was a little treat, but not a lot of artificial sugar since we used fruit for the base.  This is a recipe we will be using a lot.  My whole family loves it!

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