Tuesday, July 16, 2013

101 (Almost) Free Things to do with Kids this Summer

I am always trying to keep my kids occupied with fun activities. And as a thrifty Mom, I have learned that the fun stuff doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag, nor does it have to be insanely extravagant. My kids have more fun with experiences than they do with "stuff". So here is a list that will keep you and the kiddos busy, and give them a summer of fun experiences. Mom's and Dad's don't forget to do these activities with the kids. Their favorite friend to play with is YOU!!!

1.Go for a hike     2.Scrapbook together      3.Catch fireflies      4.Go to the zoo     5.Tell ghost stories (or any kind of stories!)     6.Go to the playground    7.pick flowers     8.Water gun fight!     9.Take a bike ride      10.Make S'mores      11.Fly a kite      12.Have a slumber party      13.Build a blanket fort      14.Make cookies      15.Start a lemonade stand      16.Play in the sprinkler      17.Make paper airplanes      18.Go on a scavenger hunt      19.Plant in a garden      20.swim in a lake      21.tell jokes      22.watch a movie      23.go on a picnic       24.play cards      25.have a pillow fight      26.make ice cream      27.play in the mud      28.Thumb wrestle      29.go to a museum      30.play hide and seek      31.blow bubbles      32.visit the library      33.fold origami      34.build a sandcastle    35. take pictures      36.sing a song      37.make shadow puppets      38. build a campfire      39.slip n slide      40.play simon says      41. draw with sidewalk chalk      42. Mommy/Daughter makeovers      43.Daddy/daughter makeovers!      44. start a nature journal      45.play a board game      46.Speak pig latin      47.make homemade popsicles      48.play charades      49.write a pen pal      50. Michaels kids crafts      51. Play rock, paper, scissors      52.Put on a magic show      53. start a garden      54.Water balloon fight      55.grow a frog      56.tell secrets      57.magnify an ant      58.Throw a ball      59.go cloud watching      60.Have a no talking contest      61. Storytime at a bookstore      62.visit a farm       63.play hopscotch      64.go fishing      65.have a staring contest      66.do a puzzle      67.play dress up      68.get a pet rock      69.Tour a fire station      70.play with a cardboard box      71.climb a tree      72.Throw a frisbee      73.Wash the car      74.Go geocaching      75.decorate cupcakes      76.volunteer at the SPCA      77.Have a tea party      78.Double dutch jump rope      79.go birdwatching      80.find a four leaf clover      81.Home Depot kids workshop      82.visit a national park      83.feed the ducks      84.learn to juggle      85.teach Grandma to text      86.Have a yardsale      87.Play I Spy      88.Camp out in the backyard      89.write poems      90.go stargazing      91.walk a dog      92.tour a factory       93.play with clay      94.make homemade cards     95.take a bus ride       96.paint with water colors      97.tie dye      98.learn the macarena     99.build with legos      100.Play tag      101.go berry picking

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