Sunday, July 14, 2013

CUPS : The Cup Song

Please tell me, my dear readers, that you have heard of this.  Back when the movie "Pitch Perfect" came out, my Husband and I were in awe of Anna Kendrick's ability to sing and do this little cup dance/choreography/performance, whatever you want to call it. She sings the Cup Song while doing these hand movements and banging a cup around in a perfectly choreographed movement.  My clumsy, no rhythm self could NEVER do the cup/hand movements the right way, nevermind singing at the same time AND keeping the tune!  I was amazed!  (it's the little things in life, really. lol) Fast forward a few months later, my then 8 yr old son came home from school talking about it.  I looked the cup song up on Youtube and there were literally THOUSANDS of videos where people were recreating it. 

Here is Anna Kendrick's video.  Now it is a released song with an official video. 

And here is one of many videos done by some pretty talented people who can sing AND have the rhythm to do this.
Pretty amazing.  My two big kids have been practicing the cup song.  Maybe I'll be posting their video next!   Can you do it?  Let me know if there are even better Cup Song videos!

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Bobbie Jo said...

I can't wait to see their cup song :)