Monday, July 22, 2013

The girl with purple hair

My 5 year old daughter has purple hair.  It used to be pink.  She didn't get into the markers, she didn't dip it in kool-aid. She isn't some sort of 5 year old rebel.  I dyed it. And yes, it's permanent. She is a girly girl and she loves her colored hair.  Yes, I get lots of evil looks when people find out it's permanent.  I don't care.  My daughter loves it and it looks adorable. 

Last fall, my daughter started asking to color her hair.  So I did my research and she ended up getting "Splat" permanent hair color for Christmas.  It's a brand you can find in local drugstores and big retailers.  We also find it normally at Sally Beauty Supply.  (The workers there always comment -positively!- on my daughter's hair, and she is quite the hit when she walks in there.)  She got two colors, Pink Fetish, a bright neon pink, and Lusty lavender, a light purple that is similar to Kelly Osbourne's hair color. 

We first colored her hair back in January.  Her hair is blonde naturally, so we didnt end up bleaching it, like the box suggests.  We just used the box color over her natural color.  We did a small bit of lavender and a bit more of the pink.  I put her hair in a low ponytail and just did the ends, so if it ended up as permanent as the box says, we could just give her a trim when she was sick of it.  (It was as permanent as the box says and nope, she's never gotten sick of it.)  It was a hit.  Most people loved it (and the people who didn't, well, they can keep their comments to themselves or hear the wrath of an angry protective Mom.) After a while, the bright neon faded to a light pastel pink, and so we colored it once again in April, this time just pink fetish.  Again my girl loved it.  Her 5 year old girlfriends were jealous, people stopped her on the street to see her pink hair up close and lots of people wondered how we did it.  (SO EASY!)
Last week we cut her hair into layers and a lot of the pink went away.  So she asked me to color her hair again.  This time we went with just lusty lavender.  The undersides of the hair were still pastel pink, but that was okay.  We wouldnt be covering it all, so she still would have a little light pink as well as the new lavender color. 
I put her hair in a high ponytail, and then added another elastic to the bottom of the pony, as a guide for where I should add the color. 
I put the gloves on, which you definitely need for this job, or else you'll have stained hands and fingers.  And then got to coloring.  It only took a minute or two to get the hair saturated with the color.  A few squirts, then I'd rub it in to the hair, coloring all the section that we wanted done.  Then she sat and waited for the hair to absorb the color.
When the time was up, we rinsed until the water ran clear, shampooed, just to get the excess color out, and dried the hair real good. 

SPLAT has never dried out her hair, never broken the ends.  It is a great product, as far as I am concerned, and my purple haired daughter is very happy with her hair. 

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