Saturday, June 29, 2013


Have any of you read about this?  Thoughts??

A couple went to a co-workers wedding, gifted them a picnic basket full of mostly high end snacks, and they got blasted publicly because of it.  At first the excuse was that one half of the couple is gluten intolerant, but then it turned into a battle over who is more rude and selfish. 

For what its worth, I have given many gifts similar to the one in the story.  Granted, I have not given that as a wedding gift, but I have given boxes like that for Christmas and birthdays.  My favorite thing to give is a movie basket, including microwavable popcorn, flavored popcorn seasoning, movie theater sized boxes of candy, and gift codes for Redbox rentals.  And I would be pretty psyched to get something like that in return.  A picnic box filled with goodies like in the story would be awesome, and I think my Hubby and I both would love to receive one!  (hint, hint, our 10 year anniversary is coming up!!! lol)

When I got married, we got our share of money filled envelopes, which were welcomed, of course.  But then we also received gifts that still have a place in our home today, frames, photo albums, and even a gag gift or two that still make us laugh.  (A stone bust, anyone??)  It was not the monetary value of the gifts, nor was it the price that was paid per plate.  The most important part of our day was that our family and friends who love us, came to share our wedding day with us.  I still smile when I look at the pictures of our family, both blood and chosen, dancing, eating, laughing and enjoying our day.  The best memories are not of the gifts we got, but of the day we had with loved ones. 

I think the brides in the story are missing out on the big picture. They should be thankful that people cared enough to witness their marriage ceremony, and stop dwelling on the fact that a gift they received wasnt worth a lot.  I never once thought that a gift I received was worth less than my parents paid for the plate of food at my wedding.  I was just so grateful that people I loved came to celebrate my marriage.  THAT was the real gift, not something that was in a box or an envelope. 

What do you think of all of this?  Who do you side with?  The brides who received the basket of snacks, or the guests who gifted it? 

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stevencooks said...

You know, I just think that they're selfish and ungrateful. I hope to never attend a wedding like that. Truthfully, we have a tendency to give the same beautiful gift at every wedding. I love the idea of seeing the gift that we give show up later in the couple's home. It positively delights me to see the gift used in many different ways. I imagine I might be seen as non-creative. But I see it differently.