Friday, June 14, 2013

Minute to win it!

My family loves games.  It isn't uncommon to find us playing a board game or wii game at night.  We are very competitive and love to have fun.  So when we found a "minute to win it" competition at our local recreation center, we knew we had to join.  Minute to win it was (is?) a game show hosted by chef Guy Fieri where the contestants do these skills or activities and try to beat the clock by finishing the challenge in under a minute.  For example, they may have to put 20 pennies from one bowl into another by only using their toes.  And the clock is ticking while they do it.  So my kids and I tried this competition and we had a blast.  There were 10 challenges and we had to complete each one in under a minute.  we had so much fun, and havent laughed that hard in ages.  And the best part about it is that each of the challenges was something that any family could do at home.  So now I am sharing my list of 'Minute to Win it' challenges so you all can have a fun family game night, too.

1. Chocolate unicorn: stack 7 ding dongs on your forehead
2. Sticker picker upper: balance a pizza tray on your hand, put 4 stickers on the tray sticky side up.  Roll an egg around the tray, picking all 4 stickers up on the egg, without dropping it. 
3. Spare me: put marbles into one end of a pool noodle and then roll them out the other side to knock over three standing sticks of sidewalk chalk. 
4. Bobblehead: tape a pedometer to your head and rack up 125 "steps" by nodding your head furiously. 
5. Face the cookie: place an Oreo on the contestants forehead.  Slide the cookie from the forehead to the mouth by just using facial movements.
6. Keep it up: keep a feather in the air for 60 seconds by only using your breath. 
7. Balancing lemon: put a spoon end in your mouth and balance a lemon on the curved end.  Keep the lemon on the spoon without using your hands while you run from one end of the room to the other. 
8. Toilet roll: take two full rolls of toilet paper and put them on your wrists.  unroll the whole rolls simultaneously in a minute. 
9. Tweeze these: fill a bowl with 20 marbles and place an empty bowl next to it.  Use chopsticks to transfer all the marbles to the empty bowl. 
10. Stick the landing: take a half full bottle of water.  Throw the bottle and get it to land upright 5 feet away. 
11. Junk in the trunk: fill an empty tissue box with 8 ping pong balls.  Tie the box to your waist and jump up and down, wiggle and shake to get the balls out.  
12. Baby blocking: balance a plate on your head and place 5 children's building blocks on the plate without knocking them over. 
13. Suck it up: put a straw in your mouth.  transfer 20 m&ms from one plate to another by using just the straw.  
14. Jelly nose: put a bowl full of cotton balls on the table.  Put an empty bowl next to that and a dish of petroleum jelly next to that.  Dip your nose in the jelly and then transfer 5 cotton balls, 1 at a time, to the empty plate, using only your nose. 

15. Lets can it: Use a tub and fill it with water.  Place a plastic place in it and let it float.  Now stack 5 empty aluminum cans on the plate in under a minute.  
16. Bucket head: catch three balls in a bucket on top of your head. 
17. Play it by ear: place 5 empty aluminum cans with varying amounts of pennies in the correct order.  (With a sharpie have the person who counted them out write the quantities on the bottoms). 
18. Stack Em up: stack 20 plastic cups in a pyramid without having them fall.  
19. Dice it up: place a Popsicle stick in your mouth and balance 5 dice on it without dropping any. 
20. Feather race:  blow a feather from the start to the finish line by just using your breath. 
21. Breakfast scramble: cut the front of a cereal box into 16 pieces and then have your contestants reassemble it correctly. 
22. Bag it: draw 4 horizontal lines around 2 paper bags, each line 3-4 inches under the previous line. Stand the bag on the floor.  Have two contestants use their mouth only to pick up the bags at the same time and place them on a table.  Cut the top section of the bag down to the first line and put the bag down on the floor again.  The contestants much pick up their bag in their mouth over and over again, with each section of bag cut down to the next line until there is only the bottom section left.  The first person to pick the bottom section up with their mouth and place it on the table first wins. 

23. Elephant trunk: place a tennis ball in each foot of a pair of pantyhose.  Put the waist of the pantyhose on the contestants head.  The tennis balls will dangle down.  Now line 10 plastic cups or cones on the floor and just moving their head, the contestants must knock over each cup by using their "trunk". 

I promise you will be laughing hysterically by the end of the game and this will be one family game night your family will remember for a very long time!! 

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