Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hangin' with the Sopranos

So this happened last night.....

That is me with tough guys Joseph Gannascoli and John Fiore.  Recognize them at all?  Both of them were on the HBO show "The Sopranos".  Joe used to play mob guy (turned good guy) Vito Spatafore.  John used to play Gigi Cestone.  Don't remember John's character?  Maybe this will refresh your memory.
I went to a special dinner with my husband, where Joey G was the chef.  He brought along his pal John.  We stuffed ourselves silly with wine and food, everything was delicious.  A 5 course meal of appetizers including bruschetta, crostini, and small pizzas, New England clam chowder, pasta with proscuitto and smoked mozzarella, an entree of either a rib eye with a Madeira ginger sauce or baked chicken with a mustard glaze.  Dessert was tiramisu and a chocolate connoli.  They filled our wine glasses with a new wine with each course.  And they kept it flowing all night!  John and Joe were mingling, answering questions, posing for pictures.  They are really nice guys.  My Husband and I had so much fun hanging out with them.  Joe talked recipes with my hubby, who is a chef, and I was able to ask him lots of questions about his film work.  He must get sick of all of the Sopranos questions, but he was really nice about answering them.  He did say that he does NOT know if they all die in the end, (fans of the Sopranos know what Im talking about) and he did say there will NOT be a Sopranos movie (although we can all hope and pray that the brilliant minds behind the show will agree to one someday).  I left there with a lot of memories, a few souveniers and possibly a new friend or two.  I thank Joe and John for being such gracious hosts! And thank you Joe for cooking an amazing meal. 

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