Saturday, June 8, 2013

Product review: Secret Outlast clear Gel

Last week I received my spring Voxbox from a company called Influenster.  Inside it included a snack, some hair products, lip color, stick on nails, and a full size of Secret Outlast clear gel antiperspirant/deoderant in the completely clean scent.  I was pretty excited to try these items.  My first one to try was the Secret. 

The big difference between other deoderants and Secret's clear gel is that Secret isnt supposed to leave white marks.  Their recent campaigns include Jenni Poulos (from Bravo's Flipping Out) trying on lots of dresses, doing the Deo-dance, trying to not get white marks on them. 

I had the perfect opportunity this week to try this challenge out.  And also find out if this Secret Outlast would really outlast my hot sweaty day and keep me dry and smelling clean.  It was field day at my kids' school.  It started at 9, got over at 3.  It was a lot of walking, cheering, running, and general excitement over my kids competing in their challenges. 
So that morning, I clicked the bottom once, then twice for good measure and applied to my clean underarms.  The gel was cool and went on smoothly.  It was easy to apply but felt wet when it first went on.  The smell was really nice.  Clean, but not perfume-y.  It smells like a nice clean soap, without being too strong.  Then I put my shirt on a few seconds later.  No white marks, no wet streaks.  Success so far! 
As the day went on, and my activity level and sweat level increased, I did a few discreet armpit checks.  No sweat stains, no funky smells.  Still fresh smelling underarms, surprisingly.  I had done aerobics, a minute long plank, "Thriller" dance moves, plus running, jumping and cheering my kiddos on.  Yes, Field day these days include dancing and aerobics.  No tug of war, though, if you can believe it!!!  I was certainly surprised at the cleanliness of my armpits, for sure.  Im used to a thick stick deoderant that leaves a thick heavy white residue.  This clear gel dries clear and you cant feel it after its on, so I thought for sure that it would not hold up to the heat, humidity and activity.  I was totally impressed!  It definitely outlasted the other deoderant, which would have been a sticky gooey white clumpy mess by now. 
After field day, I was going out to dinner with a fancy dress on.  So I tried this challenge again.  I showered, dried off and applied the Secret Outlast clear gel.  I then put my dress on, over my head, and checked under my arms in the mirror.  No trace of the gel at all.  No white marks, no gel marks, no wetness spots.... nothing! 
The only negative that I see with Secret Outlast Clear gel is that it seems to go very quickly.  I have used it for 5 days now, using it once a day most days but twice on one day, and it is about a third gone.  It is impressing me at how well it works, though, and the fact that it isnt ruining my clothes, which means saving money on laundry detergent and stain sticks!  I will definitely be buying this antiperspirant/deoderant again.  I highly recommend it! 

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