Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My newest obsession

Oh, Tom Ford, what have you done to me?  You have me thinking of you day and night!! 

So I was walking down Main St this past weekend with the kiddos and I saw these beauties in a surf shop window display. 

I expressed my love for them and my son begged for us to go in and see how much they were.  I told him they were probably way more than I care to spend on a pair of sunglasses, and frankly, way more than I can spend on anything for myself.  So we kept on walking and about an hour later, we made our way back to the surf shop.  This time, my sweet almost 9 year old, who always wants to do nice things for everyone, ran ahead of me and went inside to ask the salesperson the price.  I walked in just as he was asking (and he made me so incredibly proud) "How much for those Tom Ford infinity sunnies in the display case?"  The woman behind the counter replied "I think they are $400."  My son's jaw dropped.  Im sure he figured he would be able to run home, empty his piggy bank, beg his Dad for a ride to Main St, and buy them for me as a belated Mother's Day or Birthday surprise.  Bless his heart, that's the kind of kid he usually is.  But this was way out of his price range, way out of my price range, and way more than I would ever pay for sunglasses.  (btw.... the Bloomingdale's price was $395, so the surf shop wasn't so far off) 

So now I sit and dream of looking so damn amazing in these Tom Ford "Whitney" sunnies at the pool (my little kiddie pool in my front yard), at the beach (while covered in sticky baby sunscreen and ice cream fingerprints while digging holes to China with my kids), or out shopping with friends (Target, of course and when I say friends I mean my kids.... Moms never get time to shop at Target with grown ups!) I will scour the web for knock offs, look for similar dollar store specials, and pray that TJ Maxx or Marshall's will have them in the bargain bin someday.  Or maybe I can just find a sugar daddy to buy them for me with nothing to give him in return.  'wink, wink' 

Ohhhh Tom Ford, you have this girl obsessed!!! 

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Bobbie Jo said...

These are awesome :)