Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yard Sale time!!

I admit, I do a lot of my kids shopping at yard sales.  I have one friend with a daughter one year older than my 5 yr old daughter, and each summer I look forward to her yard sales because I know I can get my daughter most of her school clothes for a great price.  I love yard sales.  I love re-purposing old stuff like framed art (take off the print, paint the wooden back piece with chalk paint, paint the frame a color that will work with your decor, and you just made a perfect spot for a grocery list or a cute chalk board for the kids room), an old chair can be reupholstered to match your livingroom/kitchen/entry way, an old pack and play can be turned into a cozy reading nook by cutting out the front mesh panel and adding a fitted sheet over the top of it like a canopy, just get a piece of wood that fits under the mat so it will support older kids.  An old crib can be repurposed into a cute garden bench!  Im not very crafty, but I love looking on Pinterest to get some ideas, and then searching yard sales for bargains and ways to bring my ideas to life!

So today I went to two yardsales and got some great buys.  I got a pair of authentic UGG boots from a friends yardsale for my girls.  A will be able to get some wear out of them this coming fall and winter, and then they'll be passed on to H. These boots usually retail for $140 and I got them for $10.  Then at another yardsale, I got two outfits for A to wear to school this fall.  With the way kids grow, its almost pointless to buy stuff brand new.  Plus, you're getting a great deal.  Instead of spending $30-$40 on a new outfit, I spent $4.  With yardsale finds, as long as its in good condition and can be cleaned (Im a stickler about having clean items.) I dont mind buying used.  If it comes from someone you know, thats a bonus! 

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