Sunday, May 26, 2013

FREE BOOKS (okay, almost free)

I know, a lot of my posts have the word "free" in them.  This one is a sort of free promotion.  I am part of a website called Paperbackswap that has millions of books in it's database.  Basically, when you join, you post 9 books that you have sitting on your bookshelf that you'd like to get rid of.  You enter the ISBN number, and the book is already in the site, so all of the information comes up and gets added to your list.  The website gives you three credits for a free book after all 9 books are posted.  You get to choose any 3 books you want, and they have something for EVERYONE!  The person who owns the book you want, wraps the book, pays the postage, and ships it to you.  When you receive the book, you log onto your account, marked the book received and that person gets a credit for a new book.  When someone wants one of your books you posted, they request it, and you get an email saying your book is requested for mailing.  You log into your account, print the mailer provided, wrap the book in the mailer, pay the postage (I usually head to the post office, but you can just put the correst postage on.... usually around $3) and mail it out to that person.  When they receive the book, they mark it received and you get a credit for another free book.  Super easy!  You can pay through paypal to add more credits to your account, or to pay for postage automatically, but other than paying to mail out your books, there is no fee to get books.  And you never have to add your credit card info to the site.  I have been a member for many years, have traded a ton of books, and have saved a TON of money!  I love the fact that you can actually make a wishlist on the website, and when those books become available, they email you right away so you can request them.  I rarely buy books anywhere else now.  Do you want to join?  I can refer anyone to the site, just click on the link above, or here.... Paperbackswap referral  Now, enjoy your new summer reading!!! 

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