Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Important allergy info for Moms and caregivers

Did you know that play-doh has wheat in it and that kids with a gluten allergy could get very sick if they play with it?  Did you know that using pasta for macaroni art could harm a child with a wheat or dairy allergy?  Even using real grocery containers in a play kitchen area could harm children with allergies. 

If you are a Mom, a caregiver, a daycare provider, a teacher, you should print out this list.  It could potentially save a child's life.  The little things that seem innocent could harm a child with allergies and it's things that most people wouldn't even think about. 

Please open this link, print it out, pass it on to others, share it with anyone who plans children's activities.  It sounds very simple, but you could save a life.  Potential food ALLERGENS in daycare and school settings.

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