Monday, October 21, 2013

30 day deep cleaning routine

I have three kids and a husband and basically a revolving door of friends and family that pop in.  So my house is NEVER spotless.  It is somewhat cluttered and lived in but because of my son's dust mite allergies, it has to be sparkly clean at all times.  I am constantly cleaning, including running the vacuum through the majority of the house atleast twice a day.  With appointments, jobs, sports and music programs, errands (and generally running around like a taxi driver) it is hard to keep up somedays, so I went looking for an easier way to keep track.  I do atleast one load of laundry each day, surface clean the kitchen and livingroom each day, run the dishwasher once a day, clean up what has been left out each day.  But all of the other major tasks I am now scheduling.  I decided that every day I will do one major cleaning project and it is imperative that I fit it in at some point during the day.  I found this schedule online and it seems like it will work for me.  Of course I can alter it according to the rooms in my house and what absolutely needs to be done at the time.  If there is a big mess or special occurance (a child gets sick in a certain room, a holiday where the dining area needs special treatment, etc), I can change the schedule up, but here is a rough draft. 

1. Clean kitchen and livingroom.  Clean off counters and tables.  Remove clutter, put things away in proper spots.  Vacuum/mop.  I like to scrub down cabinets and doors, and bleach handles of microwave/fridge, stove.  Clean the sink area. 

2. Clean bathrooms.  Toilets, tubs, sinks.  Mirrors cleaned. Vacuum/mop floors.  Wash towels and bathroom rugs.  Vacuum blinds/curtains.  Empty trash.

3.  Surface clean bedrooms.  Strip beds, wash linens, remake beds.  Clean mirrors.  Clean clutter off of dressers/nightstands.  Empty trash.  Hang stray clothes.  Dust.  Put shoes away. 

4.  Surface clean other rooms.  In my case it is laundry room and entrance room.  Clutter away, floors clean, etc.

5. Surface clean kitchen and livingroom

6. Clean bathrooms

7. Clean all interior windows

8. Sweep, vacuum, mop all floors of entire house.

9. Surface clean bedrooms.

10. Deep clean livingroom.  Dust baseboards, trim, shelves, electronics, art, etc.  Vacuum blinds.  I also like to febreeze curtains and furniture.  I wash down the walls, too.  Little fingerprints get everywhere!

11. Clean bathrooms

12. Clean out closets.  Re-organize toiletries, purge old clothing/shoes. 

13. Surface clean extra rooms

14. Deep clean bedrooms.  Purge, dust, organize books, wash curtains, vacuum blinds.  Change seasonal clothing out.

15. Surface clean livingroom and kitchen

16. Deep clean bathrooms. 

17. Clean things that are repeatedly handled.  I like to wash walls, especially in my hallway, around lightswitches, doorway casings, doorknobs, stove/fridge/cabinet handles.  Bleach and water in a spray bottle.  Works wonders. 

18. Clean out refrigerator.  I like to schedule this around trash day.  And grocery shopping day.  Organize pantry.  Take stock of needed groceries.  Empty the fridge level by level.  Scrub shelves and drawers. 

19.  Clean entranceway, sweep garage, clean out the car. 

20. Surface clean livingroom and kitchen. 

21. Surface clean bathrooms.

22. Surface clean bedrooms.

23. Sweep, vacuum, mop all floors in the house. 

24. clean linen closet.

25. Surface clean livingroom and kitchen

26. Deep clean kitchen

27. Surface clean bathrooms

28. Surface clean bedrooms

29. Sweep, vacuum, mop all floors in the house.

30. Clean one large thing thoroughly.  (Stove, backyard, deck area, winter clothing storage area, attic, basement, etc.)

31. Clean all of your electronics.  (Make sure you use a cleaner specifically for these items!!)

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