Thursday, October 31, 2013


To all my little ghouls and goblins that read this blog, I want you to have a fun but safe Halloween!  Enjoy your nights, whether you are trick or treating with your little Monkeys or headed out to a party.  HAVE FUN!! 

 This is my Captain America, my little Unicorn, and my Rockstar!

And for all of you who need a quick and easy snack idea for preschools or kids Halloween parties.......

Tomorrow is my daughter's day to bring in snack for her kindergarten class.  So I made her Mummies and bones to bring in! 


The mummies are just small boxes of yogurt covered raisins.  I took white crepe paper, cut it lengthwise to make narrow strips, wrapped the boxes and added googly eyes.  The bones are pizza crust dough!  I made a salted dough, rolled it in my hands, snipped the ends with scissors

 And folded the snipped pieces in towards each other.  It made a femur bone shape. 

I lightly sprayed a cookie sheet and put the bones down on it. Then I sprinkled kosher salt on it and baked for about 12 minutes on 425* until they were golden brown.  They make really yummy pretzels!  I make these each year for Halloween parties and the kids love them.  And so easy!  It only took me about 40 minutes to make everything this morning.  Happy Halloween!!! 

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