Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The benefits of Coconut Oil

It seems these days EVERYONE is talking about coconut oil.  People are cooking with it for their Paleo diets and letting everyone know how healthy it is for them.  But what I didn't realize is how versatile coconut oil really is!  This stuff can cure most minor first aid issues, help with your most tricky beauty problems, be used in a lot of recipes, and help with some health problems.  Crazy, right?  This is a pretty cool product!  So of course with all of these claims, I had to try it myself.  Off to Trader Joe's I went.  And I came home with this. 

In my research, I found way more than a few uses for coconut oil.  I was honestly amazed, and still am, by how many uses this stuff has.  How has this been a secret for so long?

Cooking: Use it instead of other cooking oils. Add it when you're baking.  Its great to saute shrimp in.  It does have coconut (obviously!) in it, so be careful with tree nut allergies!!!  Add a spoon to your dogs food to make their coat nice and shiny.  Add a spoon to your morning smoothie for added flavor and essential fats.  Use it in stir frys.  It can be used in vegan baking because it has no animal fats in it.  Coconut oil is also considered heart healthy!!

Health:  Mix it with baking soda for a toothpaste.  Use coconut oil instead of other oils for cooking and it will help reduce gallbladder attacks.  Take a spoon each morning if you are battling Crohn's disease or Fibromyalgia.  It is believed to help relieve symptoms.  Put it on eczema or bug bites to relieve itching. I've even heard it can keep bugs away!  Add a bit of tea tree oil to it and rub it all over when you head outside.  Use it on a diaper rash. Use it as a lice treatment.  Rub your scalp with it to get rid of dandruff. Put it on acne or a cold sore to heal them up.  Put it on a scrape or minor burn to help soothe and heal. 

Beauty:  Mix it with sugar and an essential oil to make a lip or dry skin scrub. Use it to shave your legs instead of shaving cream. It moisturizes, too, which saves you a step after shaving! Put a drop on a cotton ball to remove makeup, especially eye makeup.  Use it as a deep conditioner in your hair.  Use it on cracked heels and hands at night, wear socks to bed and you'll wake up with soft skin.  Mix it with your favorite essential oil in your blender and it will make a body butter.  Put it in the bath as a bath oil to help soften skin. Use it as a cuticle oil or a massage oil.  Mix it with kool-aid and essential oils to make a flavored lip balm.  Add a drop or two to your hands and run it through your hair to get rid of frizz. 

This stuff is truly versatile and as long as you store it in a cool, dry place, you'll have it on hand for whatever and whenever you need.  Let me know what YOU use it for!

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Bobbie Jo said...

I may have to get some of this :) have you used it ... does it make everything taste coconutty?