Thursday, August 15, 2013

Salty S'mores

You know me, always looking for a new twist on an old favorite.  So how could I resist making a new kind of S'mores when I heard of a salty alternative to my sweet campfire snack?  My family loves making S'mores.  We make them year round.  It's usually a Sunday night tradition.  My Husband is home, the fire is lit, the marshmallows are out and the family is sitting around, talking and roasting.  It's family bonding as well as dessert time. So much fun, so yummy.  This recipe can be made on the campfire, or in the house when it is too cold to roast those marshmallows outside.

Grab a roll of Ritz crackers, a handful of chocolate pieces (chips, a broken bar, etc) and a bag of marshmallows.  This is how it goes down in my house.  I grab a microwave safe dish and melt the chocolate by microwaving it 20-30 seconds at a time and stirring in between.  It will be smooth and glossy when it is ready.  I lay the ritz down on some parchment or a clean counter and use a spoon to spread enough chocolate on the crackers to cover one side.  They'll cool a bit while you're getting the marshmallows ready.  I then line a baking sheet with parchment paper (I used foil for this, but parchment works better) and put marshmallows on it, keeping them far away enough that when they melt a little and spread, they wont melt together in one big blob.  I turn on the broiler and put the marshmallows in.  Watch them closely!!!  Using the broiler, these can burn in seconds flat.

 There have been times when Im broiling and I check them and they are just getting tan in color, and then seriously, 10 seconds later they are burnt to a crisp.  Do not walk away from the oven while its broiling the marshmallows!

  When they are done enough for your liking, take them out and scoop a marshmallow onto each chocolate covered cracker.  Then top with either a plain ritz, or another chocolate covered one.  I find that I like a little less sweet and a little extra saltiness, so I leave the top Ritz plain. 


 My family loves these.  So simple, so yummy.  Enjoy!


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Rantings of Super Mommy said...

we do something similar with ritz crackers an Rollos. Layer of ritz crackers and place one rollo on each one back 350 for about 3 min watch them cause all ovens are different lol the rollo will melt take them out an cool an YUMMY!