Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day discount courtesy of Two Smiles Gift cards

The Spring holidays are behind us and Mother's Day is around the corner. Even though this beloved holiday is meant to honor mothers, it seems to add to our to do list as well! Between making brunch reservations, shopping for the other mothers in our lives and coordinating family plans, it's definitely a labor of love. Luckily, there is an occasion for us to take some time for ourselves to celebrate our achievements all year long and it's coming up as well! That's right; it's almost time for National Mom's Nite Out.
On May 8th, mothers everywhere will be getting together in the ultimate celebration of motherhood. And while ALL mothers deserve a night of fun and pampering, we all know other mothers who might be in special need of a celebration this year! Because HP is all about offering easy and innovative solutions to moms and families, they've created a fun and simple way for you to spread the National Mom's Nite Out message to the other moms in your life.
With the specially-created National Mom's Nite Out TwoSmiles card, you can select a perfect gift for another mother, while encouraging her to treat herself to a much-deserved night out. On TwoSmiles.com, you can create a custom greeting card and attach a gift that your recipient will be sure to love- a gift card from one of her favorite retailers! For the ultimate National Mom's Nite Out gift, we suggest sending a friend a movie gift (TwoSmiles offers Fandango, Regal and AMC) so that you can both go see MOMS' NIGHT OUT the movie, which releases on May 9th, 2014. However, this is just one of the many gift options available on TwoSmiles.com- you choose the gift that suits your recipient best!
Speaking of gifts, what mom wouldn't love a photo panel or mug? HP Photo Creations is discounting these great gift ideas in honor of National Mom's Nite Out and Mother's Day. Check out the great selection here and use the code HPTY to receive 40% off your photo panel or mug order from now until May 31st. Feel free to share the code with your friends and followers as well!
Whether you're thanking a friend for picking up your extra carpool days or brightening the day of a fellow mother who's had a tough week, the National Mom's Out card on TwoSmiles.com or an HP Photo Creations gift is sure to strike the right sentiment.

Wishing you a wonderful National Mom's Nite Out and a Happy Mother's Day!

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