Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! (A love letter to my childrens' teachers)

 I started babysitting when I was 8.  I had my first nanny job at 13.  I taught a lab preschool while I was in High School.  I went on to a few internships at preschools while I was in college.  I graduated from college with a degree in early childhood education, and taught for 5 years.  Then I got a nanny job, then I had my own kids, now I run a nursery program and babysit in my free time.  You could say that my life has revolved around children.  I loved teaching, I adore being around kids.  It really takes a special person to teach children all day, every day.  The pay sucks, but the benefits outweigh the paycheck.  The hugs, the smiles, the fact that you are nurturing and educating this tiny person, someone who may grow up to do amazing things.  Its just the best feeling in the world.  I loved my teaching jobs and I miss them very much.  These days, I am not able to volunteer in my kids' classrooms much, but when I do, the memories of my teaching days come back and I enjoy my time there a ton.  These teachers work so hard.  I am very lucky that both of my older children have very loving and fun teachers.  Their teachers are excited when my children achieve something, or overcome a struggle.  They give them encouragement and cheer them on.  They teach them so much, and I can't thank them enough.  I know how hard it is to be a teacher sometimes.  I know that they have to follow certain guidelines and rules.  I know that in this day and age, they have so much work that they have to teach the children, and little time for fun.  But my kids come home everyday happy and full of stories of how their teachers helped them and made learning fun for them.  I truly love the teachers that my children have.  I wish that I could show them how special they are to me and to my kids.  I wish that I was rich enough to spoil them rotten and show them how much their job is appreciated.

That being said, I'm not rich.  But I did come up with a cute little gift that my kids could hand to their teachers today to show them how much we appreciate all that they do.   I ended up finding this little poem on the computer.    

"Teachers have such busy lives, working hard at school.  They sandwich lots in every day.  We think they're pretty cool.  When students act like turkeys, or ham it up in class, they exercise such patience and handle all the sass.  They never put off 'til tomato what they could do today.  Lettuce appreciate their efforts and help them along the way.  When they're in a pickle, they help each other out.  Teachers are smart cookies.  Of this we have no doubt.  When the chips are down, teachers still pull through.  We want to thank you very much for all the things you do."

I typed it up, putting the lunch references in bold type, and adding little pictures of food.  Then my kids and I took a little trip down to Subway where we bought their teachers gift cards so they could get lunch on us.  Then for the aids in my daughter's kindergarten class, we got them hand sanitizer and hand soaps with a little note from my daughter stating "Hands down, I think you're the best."  We love our teachers, and they give so much of themselves each day.  It is hard work to keep a class of 15-25 kids engaged and interested and happy all day.  My two older kiddos have teachers that give all they have each school day, and it shows.  My kids love school, love their teachers and love the things they learn.  I am so grateful to have two kids who are happy to be getting on a school bus each morning!!!

It's just a little token of our appreciation.  I hope they enjoyed it.  And for all of you out there with kids, I hope you gave those teachers a little token of your appreciation.  Whether it be a small gift, or something large from a group of kids, teachers love to hear that they are appreciated. (Doesn't everybody?!?!)  If you haven't gotten a gift for your teachers, feel free to copy my idea, or find something else on Pinterest that you think your teachers would like.  They work hard and deserve a little treat now and then.  Thank you to all of you teachers out there!!!!  And to Mrs Nilson, Mrs Duffany, Mrs Raber, Mrs G, Miss Beth, Mrs Geist (My son would kill me if I didn't include you!), and all of the other teachers that have helped mold my children into the (mostly) wonderful people they are today, Thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my children's hearts.  We appreciate every day you are there and everything you do.  I hope we show it enough how much we truly do appreciate you all.  Thank you!!!  ~S,H,S,A,and little H.

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Jasmine @ FleurtyandFit said...

This is super cute and creative! And who doesn't love Subway?? I'm terrible at teacher appreciation--I usually just go with the room mom and contribute to the pot. Thank God for room moms!!!