Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A little catch up.

I'm so sorry.  I'm way behind on posts.  I promise, I've been very busy preparing meals and crafts to post on here, but it seems lately that every second I get to sit down at the computer (or phone) is sucked up by emails or other business.  Let me tell you a little about what's been new in my life.

First of all, I am heavy into fundraising for the upcoming relay for life.  As some of you know, I try to raise as much money each year to help people battling cancer. My Dad is a survivor and I hope and pray that many more people get to live long happy lives because of the fundraising that I do.  This past weekend we had our big vendor blender to raise money for our cause.  Our team had over 20 vendors come together.  We hired Cinderella to do a meet and greet and photo opportunity.  We had a face painter come.  We had crafts and music. There were lots of raffles.  It was a wonderful day. This coming weekend is our big painting weekend.  We hired an art company to come teach a painting class.  Each person interested has registered to paint with us that night and the company is donating a portion of each registration fee to our fund.  After that, the big weekend is the Relay for Life weekend which takes place on June 20 and 21st.  We will have raffles, games, crafts and lots of other ways to raise as much as we can.

So the next big thing in my life lately is the fact that I have registered for my very first 5K!  It is a little shocking for me to be typing that.  I am doing a mud run/obstacle course in August.  So now my training begins.  And I hate running.  lol  What did I get myself into?!?!  I'm taking my gym time to the next level, training as hard as I can.  Building muscle, running intervals, trying to get my body into decent enough shape. It is hard but I am proud.  I'm feeling great and starting to see improvements in my body.  It's definitely not perfect or even pretty, but its getting stronger!

So bear with me.  I am working hard on making sure I have some pretty clever ideas for you all on the blog soon.  Check back with me often, follow me on Pinterest, and if you haven't already, check me out on Facebook.  I'll be back posting regularly soon!

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