Sunday, September 29, 2013

Party Dips

I've got a quick little tip today for you.  Next time you have a party or girls night and want to do a chips and dip platter, don't automatically reach for the premade dips.  Try a new approach and make it healthier. Most dips are sour cream and seasoning.  I have realized that plain greek yogurt tastes very similar to sour cream, yet its packed with protein.  And most people don't even realize that it is greek yogurt when they are eating the dip.  When my girlfriends and I have girls nights in, they usually leave me in charge of the dips.  I ususally use Tastefully simple seasonings, Garlic garlic, dill, fiesta, etc, and greek yogurt.  Then I make sure that I have healthier chips with me, or pretzels.  I love the honey wheat braids from Rold Gold, or I use RW Garcia brand or Food Should Taste Good brand chips made with flax seed or sweet potato, or quinoa.  They also are packed with protein and taste good.  So instead of mindlessly dipping into something with little to no nutritional value, these chips and dips are full of healthy grains, low fat and high protein. 

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