Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A quick recipe post

Last night I made a pretty interesting meal while in a huge rush.  It was a clean out the kitchen night.  I didn't take photos, I didn't even think anyone would like it.  However, it turned into one of my most amazing meals yet!  We had some leftover boneless pork that was on sale a few weeks ago.  And we had lots of cheese.  So I got the idea to stuff the pork with cheese.  But thats not all.  Here is how it went. 

4 pieces of boneless pork
assorted spices (I used dried pesto seasoning, garlic, seasoned salt and a little black pepper.)
Cheese (whatever you have works.  I actually used velveeta and it came out gooey and yummy)
bread crumbs or assorted potato chips/tortilla chips/croutons.  No lie.  This is what happens on clean out the kitchen night!  I had no bread crumbs at all, so I improvised.  I used gluten free Flax tortilla chips made by the RW Garcia company. I added garlic powder to the mix. 

Preheat the oven to 375* and line a baking sheet with tin foil. 

I pounded out the pork real thin. I then sprinkled on pinches of each seasoning.  I then cut the velveeta into 1/4" slices and then cut that lengthwise into 4 pieces.  I put a piece of cheese on the pork and started rolling, adding another piece of cheese every so often.  Each pork roll had 4 small, long pieces of cheese inside.  I then took the leftover tortilla chips that we had and crushed them in a ziploc bag with a rolling pin until they were a little bigger than bread crumb texture. I then rolled each pork roll in the crumb topping and put them on the baking sheet.  I baked them for about 25 min until the pork was cooked completely, the chips were golden brown and the cheeze was bubbling out the sides. 

It was extremely easy to make this dinner.  I ended up re-heating some leftover pasta and adding broccoli on the side.  So delicious.  Since it was gluten free chips that I used, my gluten free fans now know a new way to "bread" chicken, fish and pork!  It tasted really good, and I will definitely be using this tip again and I will absolutely be making this recipe again.  Enjoy!

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