Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Gabba party

My little one turned 2!  I can't believe it.  Time flies so fast, and it seems it goes even faster with each child.  The past two years have been so extremely busy but so outrageously fun.  My little one is a bundle of energy.  She is a little wild woman.  She is petite in stature but her personality is HUGE!  She can certainly run the house and boss the big kids around.  She is my little dynamo, a tiny terror, and my sweet baby girl, all in one.  And can we talk about her hair?  I mean come on, how awesome is this?!?!

Her favorite things these days are Frozen, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Yo Gabba Gabba.  Since my older daughter also had a Gabba party when she turned 2, we decided to go with the same theme.  The planning began and soon I hit a brick wall when it came to decorations and party supplies.  Even though you can order the Gabba party stuff online, the local stores all had their Gabba Gabba items discontinued a while back.  So pickings were slim. Of course I took this as a challenge and was able to improvise a lot.  And we had a blast at the party!

I was able to find a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba wall decorations,

some napkins and the candles but I ended up making a lot of the table decorations.  Buckets to hold the snacks,

The yellow bucket said "Plex mix" on it, with a homemade Chex mix that had all of my daughter's favorite snacks inside, the green one said "Brobee Booty" with Pirate Booty, and the red said "Muno's Munchies" and had blue corn chips from Food Should Taste Good.  The pink bucket didn't say anything, it just had Foofa's signature flower, and it held Food Should Taste Good's yellow corn tortilla chips.  

 the 2 table centerpiece which I made here

and the juice containers were turned into Gabba characters easily.

 I had homemade Foofa flowers, too.  

The cake was made by my wonderful friend who owns Cape Cakes by Kristen.  Check her out here.  She makes all sorts of cakes, cupcakes, cocktail cupcake shots and she can ship her cake pops across the country.  I highly recommend her!  

The top layer was all strawberry and the bottom was chocolate, as requested by my little one, with an oreo buttercream filling. 

And that dress my daughter was wearing?  It was a sheet from my older daughter's Yo Gabba Gabba toddler bed.   We had it made by my good friend Candice, who also made my daughters' Christening gown out of my wedding dress.  We are VERY lucky to have such talented friends.  

And for your viewing pleasure, Im adding a couple of my favorite pictures.  Last year, as we were wrapping up my daughter's 1st birthday celebration, we captured this on camera. 

One of my closest friends, Mark,  fell in love with the picture, had it blown up to poster size, and shipped it out to us.  We have had it hanging up over my daughter's crib ever since.  The night of her birthday, we decided to pull the picture down and try to get her to make the same face.  This was the best shot we got, and it's a doozy! 

I crack up everytime I see it.  Although she isnt making the same face, her hands are almost in the exact same positions, and that was something we didn't even try to get her to do.  We laugh all the time over this picture and can't wait to try to re-create it again next year!  


Jasmine @ FleurtyandFit said...

Super cute!! My kids' birthdays are in April and May--and it always sneaks up on me! Next weekend my oldest turns 12--so luckily we don't have to do a theme anymore, but my little one is 8 in May--haven't even started planning!! Looks like she had a ball!!

Jasmine @ FleurtyandFit said...

Hey girl! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! See my post here:

xoxoxo Jasmine