Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ollie the Elf

I got two different emails last night asking for some elf ideas.  I'm sorry I'm so behind the ball!  Our elf is named Ollie.  He arrived 3 years ago and has been a lot of fun for my family.  Ollie doesn't cause trouble or make a mess.  He isn't mean or disrespectful.  He does love fun, dressing up, and experiencing new things.  Each night Ollie visits Santa and each morning he is back at our house with a little message in our advent calendar and a new hiding spot.  Normally his messages are supportive, cheering the kids on in their daily activities.  He'll write a note telling my kids they did a good job cleaning their rooms or their homework.  He'll remind them of important stuff going on, and he cheers them on if they have a test or a show.  He also leaves little prizes.  Usually it's an activity.  He'll slip a movie in the calendar and tell us to make cocoa and have a movie night, or last night he put slips of construction paper in there so we can make some paper rings to decorate our tree with. Anyways, here are some of the things we have caught Ollie doing when we woke up in the morning.


I will continue to add more as the season continues.  I hope your elves are as kind as ours is!

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