Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For your little superhero!

My kids love dress up!  We have two dress up boxes FULL of costumes and my kiddos use them atleast 3 times a week.  It isn't unusual to see a Power Ranger, Snow White, and a bumblebee at our dinner table.  Or a superhero, a unicorn, and a witch.  Or Dracula, Princess Belle, and a little pirate.  And the list goes on!  I never buy costumes at full price.  Instead, I go AFTER Halloween and stock up when the prices are 75% or even 90% off.  Then come October 1st the following year, my kids look through the dress up boxes and see what they'd like to be.  They always have lots to choose from.  Well next year they have even more Halloween costume possibilities because this past weekend I took all of the old tee shirts in the house that had a stain or small hole in the front and turned them all into superhero capes.  It is very easy to do and it's inexpensive.  Plus, it only takes a few minutes, a pair of sharp scissors, and some chalk, plus a little velcro. 

First off, take your old tee and chalk a line around the collar and shoulder area of the sleeves. 
 You're going to leave the collar and the back of the shirt in tact and cut off all of the sleeves and the front of the shirt. 

Cut the collar right in the center of the front of it.  You can trim both sides so it fits a little more snug.  Then attach velcro to each side so it fastens.  You can find sticky sided velcro at any craft store, or sew it on. 
Now your little superheros have new capes to fly around with and save the world!!! 


stevencooks said...

Totally adorable…oh and the cape is pretty nice too. :)

Spanky McCloud said...

Way cute!!