Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Showing my family's #DisneySide

About a month ago, Disney Parks and MomSelect sent me a Disney celebration kit.  Even though I  received this product kit for free, in return for hosting a Disney Side @home Celebration party,  the opinions expressed here are my own. 

It was an extremely snowy week when the party package was set to arrive.  Here in New England we got blizzard after blizzard, and we hadn't seen the grass for weeks.  I was a bit nervous that our UPS driver wouldn't be making it.  I was a shoveling fool all week, making sure there was a clear path from the road, all the way to our doorstep. And it finally arrived mid-February! 

Of course my kids first had fun playing with and in the box.  Why is it that the box that the prize comes in is always the most fun for kids????
But then they got in on the fun of checking out what was inside.

We ended up getting an American Tourister suitcase for our Disney trip, photo paper to print out our pictures, party supplies inclusing a table cloth, plates, cups, napkins and decorations with Mickey Mouse on them, cookie cutters, measuring cups, recipes, and games.  We got posters with Mickey and Minnie and poster board to make signs to cheer on the 5K runners.  Oh, and Craisins, too! They also included Hanes brand tee shirts and fabric markers to decorate them with.  The American Tourister suitcase was a HUGE help on our trip to Florida.  It's a fantastic suitcase.  We were all amazed at how smooth the wheels glide across the floor, how easily it turns, how much stuff we can shove inside, and how durable it was.  Its perfect for a carry-on, but we checked it and it came back to us with not a scratch on it.  And that sucker was stuffed full!  Since we had a weight issue with our largest suitcase (NOT an American Tourister.  We bought the big one for our honeymoon over 11 years ago), we will be trading that one in for two smaller American Tourister suitcases.  This way, we will be much better prepared for our next Disney trip! 
We ended up having friends over for a pizza and make your own sundae game night, full of presents for our little pal's 4th birthday.  The kids had a blast, especially since it was a night full of Disney and Marvel characters!

We had quite the cast of characters here that night to celebrate! 


We even did a bit of dress up during our party!  Princess Snow White, Princess Anna,

                                                              A feisty little Pirate princess

                                                       And Princess Elsa all showed up. 
Since we were soon headed to Florida and this was my kiddos first time going to DisneyWorld, we had plans to make special tee shirts.  Since Disney and Hanes sent us some, we quickly got to work.  The kids had a blast making their own shirts.  My son is a big superhero fan, so all of his were superheroes with Mickey ears, which I thought was very clever.  My 6 year old made Mickey's clubhouse and then had me help her with a few.  My little one got shirts made with love by Mom.  She is my tiny terror, and believe me, you don't want her near a permanent marker.  We did these shirts during her naptime!

And the shirts were very convenient!  The kids got to show their homemade DisneySide all week long on vacation! The Hanes shirts held up very well with washings and wearings and are sooooo soft.  They fit really well.  My son got size 14/16 and my daughter got size 10/12.  They both have plenty of room to grow in them.  There was no shrinking in the wash or the dryer.  And there are no tags... my kids usually complain about tags being itchy.  No complaints here!

The Craisins that Disney sent were the perfect snack for the plane ride and the snack size boxes easily fit in the stroller basket for a quick, easy snack on the go in the theme parks at Disney.  Did you know that Craisins dried cranberries are the official snack of Walt Disney World?  Now you do, and luckily, Craisins are a safe snack for my son and my youngest daughter who both have food allergies.  It was very convenient to hand my kiddos a box of Craisins while we were waiting in line at a ride or to meet a character.  It helped tame the hungry horrors and kept the kids' minds off of the wait.  Plus, Craisins are yummy!  I eat a salad every day for either lunch or dinner and always include cherry flavored Craisins in it! 
Our trip was amazing, but since this post was just supposed to be on my DisneySide party, I will have to continue the vacation pictures for another blog post.  We are so thankful that we could be part of the Disney side celebrations, MomSelect and Disney!! 


TastyBling said...

Great tips. Cant wait to book Disney again!!!

stevencooks said...

Now THAT was an amazing post. Love the party and the shirts. And…how cool was it to get some craisins in the mail? They're totally awesome.

Marysa said...

Great treat!