Monday, February 3, 2014

Pre-Mama Prenatal Vitamin Mix review

As soon as that first test stick showed two lines so long ago, I was on the phone with the OB's office to get an appointment.  They didn't book me for about 2 months later, but they told me the most important thing for me to do was to get a prenatal vitamin as soon as possible.  Off to the store I went and grabbed the one that was recommended by the pharmacist.  The next morning when I went to take it, I realized it was the biggest horse pill around!  How the heck was I supposed to swallow that each day??  So I went on a search for a different one.  And then I realized that all prenatals were huge.  It was a struggle each day to take the pills and I usually had to break them up to get them down. 

With my second and third pregnancies, I finally found chewable prenatal vitamins.  They were loaded with sugar, which didnt make me happy, but I knew they weren't huge horse pills.  But guess what?  With both of those pregnancies, as soon as something hit my tongue, I'd gag and usually vomit.  The nausea was terrible.  I knew it wasnt because of the pills, it was just my body reacting to the pregnancies, but I was pretty nervous.  Not only was I getting sick taking the pills, but I couldn't eat any food, either, because of the nausea and morning (all day and night) sickness.

 Now there is a solution for women like me who can't take a pill with pregnancy. PreMama prenatal vitamin drink mix.
It is a vitamin mix in a little packet that you simply stir into your favorite liquid and drink. It comes in two types, citrus and unflavored, which is truly unflavored. One packet is full of all of the vitamins and nutrients that a pregnant mama to be needs. It also gives you those added benefits after pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding. It supports healthy baby development and also helps with pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and constipation. One pack contains 30 single servings.

Just add to 12 ounces or more of water or another non-carbonated beverage each day and your daily needs of iron, Biotin (makes your skin, hair and nails healthy and strong), folate, vitamin B6 (lessens morning sickness) , vitamin D are completely met. Plus it boosts your daily intake of other vitamins and nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, B12 (boosts your metablism and energy), riboflavin and vitamin C. PreMama vitamin mix is gluten free and made with natural flavors.

  The citrus PreMama plus also has Omega 3's, choline, and CoQ10 on top of all of the other nutrients and vitamins found in the unflavored packets. It is really nice to have a alternative to all those huge horse pills and sugar filled chewables that were so hard for me to get down during my pregnancies!! 

PreMama is now available in Whole Foods stores from Coonecticut to Maine, and also in several smaller specialty vitamin and health food stores across the North East. For more information, please visit PreMama on the web

Disclosure:  I was sent this item for free, in return for a blog review.  My ideas and my opinions are my own. 


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