Thursday, September 11, 2014

I'm so behind.

Once again I am apologizing for falling so far behind on posts and updates.  I've gotten some emails recently from friends and followers asking where I have been.

The summer was extremely busy here at the Monkeys and Moustaches household.  Our summer was filled with pool, beach, swim lessons, playdates and trying to finish our summer bucket list.  (Unfortunately only about half of our items got crossed off.) The kids and I had a bunch of fun but man, the summer flew by way too quickly!

I finished two 5Ks this summer.  The Renegade and Shape Magazine's Diva Dash.  Both were obstacle course, both were a ton of fun, and although it was 90*, 100% humidity and a much tougher course at the Diva Dash,  I shaved over 3 minutes off of my time.  My next 5K obstacle is on October 4th, the Insane Inflatable.

School has started here and both kiddos are extremely happy with their schools and classes.  My son is now in 5th grade.  New school, new teachers, new bus route, new lessons.  He is loving it so far but is realizing that middle school is a lot tougher than elementary!  My 6 year old is now a first grader.  She was itching to go back to school since it ended last June and she couldn't be happier to be back in the classroom.  My two year old is adjusting to having brother and sister gone all day.  She is sooooo happy to see those buses roll up at the end of the day!

My work situation is changing again.  I am still going to be working on campaigns, blogging, etc.  But am now working part time at my gym, which has been a blessing, and I'm working with kids three days a week. I do what I love and what keeps me happy.  Im also doing what is best for my family.  I couldnt be happier or luckier.  Things have fallen in place nicely lately.

My house has been getting organized!  This is one of my favorite things this summer!  I love purging, organizing and cleaning.  Making my home less cluttered and more pretty is a priority of mine.  I have tackled my bedroom, the attic, the garage, the girls' room, the kitchen and now the bathroom.  I will soon plan to paint atleast one or two of those areas, I just have to pick paint colors and possibly designs that I want to put up on the wall.  It is fun, though, to have a vision and complete it all by myself.

Last but not least, I am now moving forward as a single Mom.  This has kept me the busiest of all things this summer.  It isn't easy at all, but this is a step that I will try my hardest to make the most of and do my best at.  Things don't always go as planned, but everything happens for a reason.  I am keeping positive and know I am strong enough to make it through to the other side with a smile on my face.

So that is what's been keeping me busy throughout the summer.  I am sorry for being so far behind on posts, but I will catch up soon.  Thanks for checking in and for being such great followers.  Keep on posting comments, posting to me on Facebook or sending me emails.  I love hearing from all of you!

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