Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Renegade Playground - My first 5K!

What will YOU be doing this weekend?  I'll be doing this...... 

This Saturday, August 9th, I'll be competing in my first 5K race.  It is a mud obstacle course in my hometown.  I've been working hard towards this for months now and I cannot believe its here.  

As a lot of you already know, I've been working hard on my health and strength for a long time.  Back in January, after almost 3 years of steadily gaining weight, I took my first step and joined a gym.  In February I joined a different gym (Anytime Fitness) and really started to love working out.  I do cardio, weights, and classes such as Surfset ,  Zumba , and Pound fitness.  I have so much fun, have met so many great people and have improved my body and mind a ton.  As of right now, I have lost 36 lbs since January.  I am 5 lbs away from my goal, and the muscles I have now are impressive, if I do say so myself!  

My gym is fantastic, but what makes it even better are the people.  My class instructors, Donna, Carina and Megan have not only trained and pushed me, but they have become my friends.  They have also motivated me to move outside my comfort level.  Megan especially has pushed me to try so many new things and have so many new experiences.  It is not uncommon for her to mention something like a burpee challenge or a 3 minute plank and have me attempt to do it (and sometimes I actually succeed!).  So when she mentioned running a race, I considered it.  Being someone who has never run, I was nervous, but the positivity surrounding me is astounding and so I signed up for the Renegade Playground.  A few good friends also signed up and we are running with a team from the gym.  For most of us, this is our first race.  Im so excited!  

So if you are local, look for my team, The Anytime Wrecking Crew.  We will be running the 9am wave, and will be the ones dolled up in all black and purple.  I'll be prepared to post lots of pictures and a follow up blog post as soon as I can.  Wish me luck!!!  

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Megan Carroll said...

You are going to kill it!!!